Jungkook – 13 Fun Facts That Will Impress Your Friends

BTS star member Jeon Jungkook’s cute face, Jungkook’s tattoo, and Jungkook’s abs are not the only reason why Jungkook’s Twitter, Jungkook’s Instagram and Jungkook’s songs are hugely popular. Jeon Kungkook is an immensely talented singer, dancer, and artist. Learn 13 Jungkook Fun facts and impress your friends immediately. By the way, Fact Number 7 will surprise you.

1. Jungkook dreamed of becoming a badminton player

Jungkook initially had dreams of becoming a badminton star when he was young, but after seeing the song “Heartbreaker”, he decided to become a singer.

Jungkook Badminton (Source:Quora)

2. Jungkook is called Sold out king and Boy with Midas touch

In January 2019 he revealed he is using fabric softener from brand Downy. The reveal caused Downy to sell out product immediately. Company stock value rose by more than 11% in a day!

A wine that Jungkook drank while filming a live stream on V Live, Merlot March wine, sold out shortly after the broadcast.

Jungkook recommended Kim Soo-Hyun’s book “I Decided to Live as Me”. the book became a best-seller in Japan and Korea. This lead book to be published in other countries as well, such as Thailand, China, and Indonesia.

In July 2019, Jungkook wore a ‘Modern Hanbok‘ outfit. Spike in online orders caused Webstore server to collapse and the company behind the outfit, Zijangsa, was not able to deliver ordered items on time due to high demand.

The shirt Jungkook was seen wearing in J-Hope’s V Live, sold out within only half an hour on both in Korea and Japan. On September 29, Jungkook wore the Neil Barrett shirt and immediately sold out.

When BTS released a new series of mini-dolls Jungkook’s doll was the best seller among the individual dolls His merchandise ranks no 1 and no 3 among BTS in the games and collectibles category. Jungkook’s insane brand value continues to stay unrivaled!

Jungkook Soldout king a.k.a Midas touch

3. Jungkook is an amazing Solo artist

Jungkook’s fame came from being a member of BTS. But he is immensely successful as a solo artist as well.

Jungkook The Solo Artist

4.  Jungkook Hates Being Called Oppa, instead, he wants to be called…

Oppa is a flirty way to say older brother (usually used for a boyfriend). People call Jungkook this because once a girl yelled “Jungkook Oppa!” to get his attention. Jungkook dislikes being called Oppa and he prefers to be called “Baby”. 

Do you like to call Jungkook Oppa or baby?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment box.

Jungkook Oppa (Source:https://aminoapps.com/c/btsarmy)

5. Jungkook is the Heaviest band member

Despite being the maknae (youngest member), Jungkook weighs the most, about 70 kg/154 lbs. No worries, Jungkook is not overweight, he is very muscular.

Jungkook is the heaviest band member (Source:https://aminoapps.com/c/jiminlovers)

6.  Jungkook excells at bowling

Jungkook is known to excel at any game he does. At the beginning of May 2019 boys of BTS were seen competing against each other in a game of bowling. BTS broadcasted it live on their V Live channel. The youngest member of BTS surprised fans and members alike when he demonstrated proper form in bowling despite only learning how to bowl just recently. He won with more than 20 points margin over the other 6 members.

Jungkook excells at bowling (Source:https://aminoapps.com/c/btsarmy)

7. Jungkook fought with a dog when he was a baby

During the Home party event on the 4th anniversary of BTS, band members shared photos from their childhood. Jungkook revealed he as three or four years old, he fought with a dog that was about the same size as him.

Jungkook dog fight
Jungkook childhood photo (Source: https://btsdiary.com/)

8. Jungkook caused car accident

Back in October of 2019, Jungkook hit a taxi near Hannam-dong. Jungkook committed the accident due to a traffic violation. The star came to a quick settlement with the victim involved.

As of January 23, Seoul’s Prosecution Office has closed Jungkook’s case without indictment. The decision was reached after the prosecution office received anonymous judgment votes from a jury.

Jungkook hit a taxi
Jungkook caused car accident (Photo by Matt Chesin on Unsplash)

9.  Jungkook has weird shopping habits

Jungkook has weird but cute shopping habits. For example, he buys ‘WANG TA’ Toothbrushes – extra-long toothbrushes which may not fit in your mouth.

Jungkook-WANG TA Toothbrushes
Jungkook weird shopping habits.

10. Jungkook owns most shazamed BTS song

BTS Jungkook’s ‘My Time’ is the most shazamed BTS solo song in South Korea. ‘My Time’ is a song from the BTS album Map of The Soul: 7. South Koreans seem to have searched for Jungkook’s song in Shazam the most.

‘My Time’ has a catchy tune and it is no surprise general public of South Korea finds Jungkook’s ‘My Time’ nice to listen to.

Jungkook-Prince of Shazam

11. Jungkook has a sweater named after him

UL:KIN is a high-end casual brand designed by Lee SeongDong. Despite other idols having worn the item, the brand has announced that the long-awaited oversized turtleneck knit sweater will be named the “Jungkook knit” in honor of Jungkook.

Designer sweater named after Jungkook
Jungkook Sweater

12. Jungkook is the only other person besides Barack Obama with a record on Twitter

Jungkook is not a stranger to breaking records in various fields. He’s already got an MTV Instagrammer global award in his bag. As of October 2019, Jungkook becomes the only person other than Barack Obama to have two tweets with over 2m likes. His iconic “bad guy” tweet is the 3rd most-liked tweet of all time and is the most viewed, commented and liked tweet on BTS’s official account.

Jungkook & Obama-Kings of Twitter

13. Jungkook is the most popular BTS member

Let’s list some facts about Jungkook’s unparalleled popularity:

    • Jungkook is the only Korean to have 114 fancams with over 1 million views on YouTube. He is also only one to have 2 fancams over 30M views, with one of them having surpassed 50 Million views. Jungkook’s nickname The King of Fancams is well deserved.
    • Jungkook is Google’s most popular idol for 2019. For a third consecutive year!
    • Jungkook stole the spotlight during BTS’ appearance on U.S. talk show with Jimmy Fallon.
    • Jungkook is the most streamed male idol solo on Spotify in 2019.
    • Jungkook is the first idol to surpass a cumulative of 1 billion views on his solo lives on the V Live platform. Six out of the top 10 of the most viewed BTS V lives belong to Jungkook.
    • Jungkook is the most searched Kpop idol on YouTube.
    • FORBES reported he was the most popular kpop Idol on TUMBLR.
    • According to the Zig Index Jungkook has the highest global brand reputation.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Did I miss anything that should be listed as Fun fact about Jungkook? Add your voice in the comments.

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